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DailyStars.com was established in 1998, by a group of people who enjoy astrology, tarot, and the mystic arts. We became disappointed by the "computer generated" horoscopes that many of the larger web sites promote, and decided to use our own knowledge of tarot, astrology, and the various spiritual arts, to create honest, humorous, and empowering daily horoscopes.

Each of our horoscopes are hand written, as we feel this is the only true way to offer high quality, intuitive, and honest information. Our goal is to empower people, and teach them to educate their own intuition, and use their own special talents to create their own destiny.

Our horoscopes are filled with humor, honesty, love, and all the qualities you expect to find in a well balanced heart. Rather than say "today is going to be a bad day", we will always try and find a way to offer greater insight into a problem, so you can feel empowered to deal with it, when it arises.

So, it is our pleasure to bring you our own delicious selection of daily horoscopes. We hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoy creating them! May they uplift your heart, and empower your soul...

With love,
The DailyStars family

Questions and comments are always welcome: feedback@dailystars.com

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